Keep calm and love chicken

The chicken gourmet place


The A’Pluma restaurant is a restaurant with a clear concept of Grilled Chicken Gourmet.

Simple dishes, but impeccable, cooked with slow cooking to the coal in the Josper oven.

Our gastronomy is based on the high quality, fresh market ingredients.

We get the category of dishes to shine, because we choose each ingredient with care, and cook them slowly, every day, so that they arrive at the table freshly made.

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Tuesday to Saturday | 13h a 16h - 19:30h - 23h
Sunday | 12h a 16h

Tuesday to Saturday | 13h a 16h - 19:30h - 23h
Sunday | 12h a 16h

Tuesday to Saturday | 13h a 16h - 19:30h - 23h
Sunday | 12h a 16h

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